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BLUEHOST Still having sale
BLUEHOST Web Hosting Black Friday Special $3.95/mouth

Amazon has knocked $100 off all models with the exception of the 1.80GHz 13″ MacBook Air, which it cut by $174 to $1,024.99 — the best price for this model thus far.Amazon also pays some of the highest prices (in Amazon Gift Cards) if you sell them your old Mac (compare with other trade in services).

Update: Prices have changed since Black Friday but there are still many Cyber Monday Deals on Amazon

MacBook Airs

MacBook Pros

The Loop Loft

Save an incredible 45% 40 to 60% Cyber Modday Update on EVERYTHING at The Loop Loft including award-winning ReFills, Ableton Live Packs, MIDI Grooves, Multitrack Drums, Complete Takes and WAV, REX2, AIFF and Stylus RMX loops!

Just enter the following discount code at checkout: BF45 CM40

Check back to this page I will add more deals as I find them